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Borough of Tatamy

Parks & Recreation

Braden Park

Braden Park on Bushkill Drive has 2 baseball fields, volleyball, a pavilion with electricity, and playground equipment. Porta-potties are located at two locations within the park. Reservations for Braden park can be made at the Borough office or by going to our Forms and Documents section and downloading our Reservation Permit.

Reservations can be made to use the park by stopping in at the office. There is a $25.00 deposit due when making your reservation. You will be asked to sign a permit which states:

Braden Park

I hereby certify that I am a resident of the Borough of Tatamy. I hereby accept full responsibility for the above function including liability for any damage to the facilities and/or injury to individuals.

I agree to abide by all state and local laws concerning the use and dispensing of alcoholic beverages. I hereby release the Borough of Tatamy, its administrators, agents, and assigns from any and all liability for the above function.

Please pick up all garbage before leaving. You will be responsible for any damage done to the Park or Park Facilities. No parking is allowed on the grass.

Any person who reserves Braden Park must be a Resident of Tatamy Borough and must be attending the function for which the facility is being reserved.

The key you will be issued will unlock the chain link fence by the Pavilion area. You may use this key to unlock the fence by the Pavilion area to UNLOAD ONLY. Once this has been completed, your vehicle must be removed from this area and the fence must be relocked.

This is our park; please do your part by taking care of it!

Please keep our parks clean! There are trash receptacles at all parks. We respectfully request you to use them! Thank you!

Broad Street Park

The Broad Street Park located behind the Municipal building is Tatamy's oldest & smallest park. This park has Play ground equipment and access to restrooms during office hours.

High Street Park is located at the west end of High street, behind Hope Lutheran Church. This is Tatamy's newest park. There is a volleyball court, a basketball court , play ground equipment, and fitness equipment. There is a parking lot at the end of High Street.

High Street Park

Mark Metz Park

The Mark Metz Park is located on 7th Street. There is a basketball court and playground equipment. This park is located on the northern end of 7th St. with access from Trisha St.

With the Rails to Trails project we have a bike path that runs along the Bushkill Creek. Tatamy's trail links up with Palmer Township's trail presently and will be linked with Stockertown and Palmer Township to the north in the near future. This path is great for those wishing to bike, jog, or just take a leisurely stroll. Due to construction of the Bushkill Street bridge, access is limited at Bushkill St. The trail can be accessed from Bushkill St. behind the Fire Co. and by the Main Street Bridge. Parking is available at Braden Park. Tatamy's Trail is part of the Two Rivers Trailway and the 911 National Memorial Trail.

Rails to Trails project

Tatamy Borough Park Rules
  • Domestic animals, hitting golf balls, skateboards, motorized vehicles, or any other unauthorized vehicles are strictly prohibited in Tatamy Borough Parks.
  • No glass beverage containers
  • No foul or obscene language
  • No misuse of Borough Park equipment
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  • Vandalism & malicious mischief will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Tatamy Borough Code and the Pennsylvania Crime Code
  • No admission after closing hours
  • Summer hours March 1st to October 1st - 7 AM to 10 PM
  • Winter hours October 1st to March 1st - 7 AM to 6 PM

Chris Moren(Chair)
Bill Belkey
Stu Albert
Charles Bartholomew
Ryan McGinley
Chuck Werkheiser
Deanne Werkheiser

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