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Tatamy Borough News
Didn't get rid of everything at the yard sale? We have a place for you to take items and help Habitat for Humanity ReStore! Stuff the Truck will be held on Satday August 19, 2017 at Braden Park. See attached flyer for all accepted items. To download the flyer click HERE.


Northampton County Citzen's Academy has extended their deadline to register. Want to be a more informed Citizen, interact with appointed and elected officials, hear about the excellent services and programs provided by Northampton County? Then this is for you! Register today! To download the application click HERE.

The THS 24th annual Car Show will be held on Sunday September 10, 2017 along Braod Street. New this year- Motorcycles! To download the flyer click HERE.

The Tatamy Historical Society invited Stuart Albert, Karl Johnson, & Lee Altemose to share their memories of Tatamy. DVD's are available for $5.00 at the Borough Office and will be sold during the Car Show on September 10, 2017.'

dvd flyer

This is a list of locations to recycle many of the items that can not be disposed of with regular household garbage and recyclables.


Tatamy Borough's contract with Waste Management of Pennsylvania for the hauling of trash and recycling expires at the end of this month. Accordingly, the Borough requested new bid applications, and, at the November 7, 2016 council meeting, Borough Council awarded a five-year contract to County Waste of Pennsylvania, LLC which becomes effective on January 1, 2017. There are several changes that we need to make you aware of:
1. SCHEDULE: Our collection day remains Wednesday, with the first collection scheduled for January 4, 2017.
2. RECYCLING: Recyclables will now be collected every week, with the first collection being on January 4, 2017. We have contracted for single-stream recycling again ￿ all recyclables can be placed in the same container. You may continue to use your current Borough provided recycling container. Extra recycling containers can be purchased from the Borough Office for $21.00. Should you choose to use your own container, there are RECYCLING stickers that are available in the Borough office that can be affixed to your own container. Please be advised that containers marked RECYCLING can only be used for recycling, meaning that you cannot substitute that container for regular trash.
3. BILLING: With this new agreement, the fee schedule has been updated and you will be billed $110 every six months for a total of $220/year. The billing cycle will be January (due February) and July (due August). This is a savings of $80.00 per year.
4. HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Holidays will cause a one day delay to pick up. There will be 4 delayed pick up days in 2017- Thursday pick-ups will take place on June 1, July 6, September 7, and December 28, 2017.
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Borough office at 610-252-7123.

The Importance of House Address Numbers
House numbers are not only convenient for finding addresses but necessary for emergency responders to locate those in need. When responding to an emergency, minutes matter so be sure that fire, ambulance, and police personnel can easily and quickly find your address.
The 2012 International Property Residential Code requires in Section R319.1 that buildings be numbered:
Address Numbers. Buildings shall have approved address numbers, building numbers, or approved building identification placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property. These numbers shall contrast with their background. Address number shall be Arabic numerals or alphabet letters. Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches (102 mm) high with a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inch (12.7 mm). Where access is by means of a private road and the building address cannot be viewed from the public way, a monument, pole, or other sign or means shall be used to identify the structure.
Tatamy Police, Tatamy Volunteer Fire Company, Tatamy Emergency Management Coordinator recommended that all residents take a few moments to examine existing house numbers. Be sure that the numbers are easily read from the street. Consider the following:
￿ Script numbers or numbers that are spelled out in words may be aesthetically pleasing but are difficult to read quickly from the street.
￿ Brass or bronze numbers are difficult to see. Use numbers that contrast with the background.
￿ If the house is located more than 45 feet from the street, the numbers should be displayed on a fence, mailbox, or other appropriate place that will make it visible for approaching vehicles.
￿ Be sure that the view of the numbers is not obstructed by shrubs, trees, or decorations, such as flags.
￿ Numbers should be clearly seen when approaching from either side of the house.
If the numbers on your house are not visible or easy to read, it will take emergency personnel longer to reach you. Those extra minutes spent trying to locate a property can mean the difference between life and death, so take the time now to be sure your house numbers are able to be seen from the street to help emergency responders find you faster.

Efective Immediately No Dumping at the Burn Pile behind the Fire Company by order of the Tatamy Volunteer Fire Co. due to the illegal dumping of debris and harmful materials. Tatamy residents are allowed 5 bags/ bundels of yard waste per week, with the regular garbage pick up.

The Tatamy Police will be offering Safe dispose of your unused, unwanted, or expired medications. Any on duty Police Officer can accept the medications. please see the list of accepted and unacceptable items below. Call the Police Department at 610-252-2260 for more information.


In 1982 the Tatamy Historical Society was formed by William Carling, Joanne Wagner and Nancy Werkheiser. The Archives opened in June of 1993 to commemorate Tatamy's Centennial. Much of Tatamy's history is preserved in the form of pictures, newspapers, scrapbooks, clothing, furnishings and other memorabilia.

A one of a kind Tatamy Centennial Quilt is among the many displays. Other areas of interest include the following exhibits - Military, Tatamy Athletic Association, Tatamy Fire Company and Tatamy School, just to name a few.

All are invited to come explore the history of Tatamy. Admission is free. Contributions are always welcome.


Tatamy Borough has ordinances pertaining to grass and weeds. 19- 1958 and 53-1968- known as the Grass and Weed Ordinances requires all citizens and businesses to keep grass cut below 6 inches. Cut grass is not to be put in the street. Please, do not blow clippings into the streets. This clogs the gutters. Thank you! Removal of clippings is the property owner's responsibility.

Moving permits are required for those moving into and out of Tatamy. The cost is $5.00 and can be obtained at the Borough office. This permit is valuable to you especially for tax purposes and to the Borough.

Junk Vehicle Ordinances 188-2000 (which repealed 45-1967)and 244-2007 (amending sections 5 and 13 of 188-2000) prohibiting the storage of motor vehicles upon any street or alley or on private property for more than 7 days that does not display current license plate and/or current registration sticker and current emissions sticker (where required by law); is not in operating condition; or is a junk vehicle.

Sidewalk ordinance 20-1924. Sidewalks and gutters must be cleared within 24 hours. In the event of ice, sand or salt should be applied. Please DO NOT place snow / ice in roads, on sidewalks or next to fire hydrants. Any help in keeping the fire hydrants cleared and accessible is greatly appreciated!

The following streets are designated Snow routes:
7th, Broad, Chief Tatamy, High, Main, Prospect, Shelley, and Trisha Streets, Alexus, Bridgette, Fern, and Mill Brook Courts and Mill Race Dr.

Please move your vehicles from these streets when a Snow Emergency is called. All vehicles will be towed at owners expense if they are not moved.


Tatamy Borough is located in Northampton County and is approximately 1/2 mile square. It is surrounded by Palmer Township to the south, Nazareth Borough to the west, Stockertown to the north, and Forks Township to the east. The 2010 census put Tatamy's population at 1203. There are just under 450 residences in the Borough. Tatamy is home to 14 businesses, 2 churches and a Masonic lodge. Borough children attend the Nazareth Area School District.

The Borough of Tatamy takes its name from Moses Tunda Tatamy, a noted Lenni Lenape Native American who owned 315 acres of land northeast of Tatamy. He was born around 1695 in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Tatamy was

Tatamy Borough

given his land from the Penn family for his services to them as a messenger & interpreter. In 1745 Tatamy was the first Native American baptized by David Brainerd.

The background & history of Tatamy is interwoven with the generations of the Messinger family that owned, occupied, & helped the area develop into a community. In 1771 Michael Messinger Sr. Bought 500 acres of land that includes present day Tatamy. In spring of 1893, having become a fair-sized village, citizens of the town met to discuss separation from Palmer Township & incorporate into an independent borough. They were Samuel S Lerch, Ellen C Messinger, JA Happel, Martin Werkheiser, Amzie F Titus, Samuel A Messinger, Edwin Babp, Jacob Hagley, G Frank Messinger, JM Stecker, CS Messinger, & Milton Johnson. The petition was addressed to the court on April 10, 1893. April 13, 1893 the Grand Jury recommended the petition be granted. Judge HJ Reeder granted the Decree of Incorporations on June 12, 1893.

Tatamy is a small community that values its past, strives to create a worthwhile future, making the present a place people want to be part of.

We hope that you find everything you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

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